Administrative Rule Revisions

Administrative Rule Revisions

Revisions to administrative rules, which are summarized below, were approved by the Legislative Interim Rules Review Committee on July 18th and are now in effect.  These rules are accessible through the regulations link on the Board’s website.  Thank you to stakeholder organizations, licensees, and public members that participated in and provided feedback throughout the rule review and promulgation process. 

Revised Administrative Rules that were approved can be accessed here.  Draft minutes from the Board’s Public Hearing on the Administrative Rules can be accessed here.



20:43:03:01; 20:43:03:02; 20:43:03:04; 20:43:03:08; 20:43:03:09; 20:43:03:10: Update the clinical competency examination language for dental and dental hygiene licensure.

20:43:09:06: Updates supervision requirements for the administration of nitrous oxide sedation and analgesia by dental hygienists and registered dental assistants. 

20:43:09:06.01: Updates the supervision requirements for the administration of local anesthesia by dental hygienists. 

20:43:10:05: Repeals an unnecessary reporting requirement for collaborative supervision services. 

20:43:04:01: Updates specialty advertising requirements.

20:43:04:01.01: Outlines general advertising requirements.

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