Updated Administrative Rules - May 2024

Updated Administrative Rules - May 2024

Administrative rules regarding medical records were approved by the Legislative Interim Rules Review Committee and are now in effect.  Please review these rules carefully to ensure that you are in compliance with all requirements regarding patient records.

20:43:11:01  Specifies content that must be included in each patient’s record.
20:43:11:02  Addresses editing of medical records.
20:43:11:03  Addresses retention and destruction of medical records.
20:43:11:04  Addresses the requirements for furnishing and transfer of medical records.

As always, state regulations can be accessed from the Board’s website. Please take the time to periodically review these to ensure compliance.

Thank you to stakeholder organizations, licensees, and public members that participated in and provided feedback throughout the rule review and promulgation process. 

Article Last Updated: 5/9/2024 2:22:32 PM